Shabu Shabu made easy!

Shabu Shabu made easy!

I used to pay $30 per person for a Shabu Shabu dinFile_000ner.  Now, I eat it in front of the TV for pennies on the dollar.  So fun, had to share this.

Best date food for single guys and if your in a long term relationship, It helps to mix up the usual dinner night.  Great for watching sporting events.  Just don’t burn down you living room with the Sterno can.

Lets start with an overhead shot of what the finished entree looks like.

Beef  Veggies  Rice  Sauces.



File_000 (3)




First, get some Sterno cans.  I get mine from Target online.





File_001 (1)



And a cheap fondue set.  Add about a tsp of chili oil to the pan.




A little bit on Sterno Cans.  They are awesome if you were the pyro kid growing up.  I use them as tent heaters, mood candles, and of course Shabu Shabu.  They are alcohol based so I don’t worry about fumes in the house.  No problems so far, at least. If caterers are using them indoors, I’m feeling good about using them as well.  Homeless alcoholics use a cloth to strain out the liquid and drink it.  Thus, the term “sterno bums”.




Moving along….If you don’t have a killer Asian/International Market that you go to, you probably don’t even know what Shabu Shabu is and don’t care.  So, go to your Asian market and get thinly sliced, Grade A, beef.

Get any assortment of veggies you like that are good for stir-fry.  Gotta have mushrooms!  I did Bok Choy, onions and Shiitake mushies.  But, bell peppers are great too.

Total cost = $14.  1lb of beef is good for two people.



File_000 (2)      I like Jasmine Rice.  But, any white rice will do.



File_003 The first sauce is my own creation.  2 parts Soy Sauce, 1 Part Ponzu, 1 part Sriracha.  This is the primary sauce for the beef.  Right after you pull the beef out of the hot water, you dump in the this stuff.  Then you plop the beef on the rice.

I encourage people to make their own sauces and share them.  Because this stuff was created under duress and its soooo simple.





File_005All the rest of the sauces are in this pic along with the fondue/sterno rig.

I use a creamy onion dressing for the veggies.

Gotta have the heat!  Thick chili sause works for that.

Lately, I have been using a thick pepper sauce/marinade as well.  whisk in some room temp water with marinades.  They get pretty thick.

These are just my choices.  All taste buds may differ.






Stir fry the veggies in a wok or skillet.  I like my veggies firm and NOT overcooked.  Bok Choy just needs a kiss of heat.

Lets not forget to cook the rice.  20 mins.  So start the rice first.  When you get the routine down, this is a quick dinner.  Rice takes the longest.  If you start the rice, you can get everything else ready before its done.




File_008Beef goes in a bowl.

There you have it.  One hell of a TV dinner.  The sterno can keeps the water hot for up to 3 hours.  So take your time.

Use just under one inch of water in you pot.  You don’t want a hard boil.

Just use the little fondue forks to dunk your beef in the water.  Don’t forget to add the chili oil to the water.

Thanks for reading this post.  I do this at home at least once a month.  Hope you enjoy and don’t burn anything down.


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